The long and winding road...

Still trying to figure out all the jigglies and the higglies of LJ as it stands these days - and whether or not I'll get my emperor's new groove, after the hacking stuff and the downtime and my inability to do the old posteroo without busting out in hives - but I wanted to drop in again and say thanks for the wondrous welcomes and the kind words last night in the twilight hours, for your beautiful icon-faces and usernames, and especially for the chance to say hullooooo again. Can't say how much I missed the people here. Won't even try. No way.

I'm going to attempt to figure out how to be a twit ( officially on twitter instead of just as an amateur in the real-life zone! ) and do my little turn on the Facebook, and I've heard about this place called tumblr or something which is apparently where the happenings are at these days? But I'll be good and keep this old thing updated on that front. Cross my blackened marsh-lump of a heart and hope to die spend the rest of my days without wireless internet. ( A fate worse than death and you know it! )

In the meantime, with all the welcomes most welcome, if you have the time and the inclination, consider casting a vote in this cage match TO THE PAIN! ( Or possibly to the death? Certainly to the Cranky Fictional Characters And Sore Losers, which is a category ) for Havemercy. A vote for Have is a vote for all metal dragons everywhere! Represent! Voting ends tomorrow at 5pm EST and I'm the one who has to live with the grumpy girl if she doesn't do well! ( Although it seems Harry Potter is getting his wizarding bum handed to him in this one, so maybe if Have and Harry do wind up hanging in the losers' corner they can still chase some Death Eaters to feel better? )


And thank you, old journalers and new, for your open arms. This metal dragon is glad to be back in action. ( Even if I am a tad rusty. ) Anydumplings, drop me a line if you cast a vote and you're in the market for eternal gratitude, and I will do something to show it. "Something" will involve cookies, ditties, rhymes, firebreathing, or "miscellaneous." Take your pick!

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Well, livejournal. You look...pretty different.

(By which I mean to say, hi! It's time to stop being such a hermit and attempt to dust the old place off, or at least figure out what's going on in these internet parts. To say that I have missed this little posty box would be a wild understatement, but I am still trying to figure out what all the buttons do. Hey. Hello. Hullo there. Is this thing still on?)

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Happy Christmas Eve to those who celebrate it! ;) And it turns out that thremedon, the community here on LJ for Havemercy, is in the LJ spotlight this week. What a wonderful Christmas it is! Hope you all are toasty and happy and having a wonderful winter. :)

Congratulations... my editor, Anne Groell, and her fabulous husband, David Keck, on the birth of their daughter, Amy Elizabeth, on December 3rd!

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I seriously don't know what to do about Shoebox still, since neither dorkorific nor I have heard back from livejournal's team in the past week, since we submitted our requests to LJ abuse. I feel awful about the situation--I've been informed that the hacker is still posting to the community with Rave's journal--but I don't know what else to do.

I understand livejournal has been busy lately with moving servers but I really, really wish that this situation weren't allowed to continue like this. All I know is that something needs to be done to keep people from clicking on these harmful links, but neither of us can actually do anything at all at the moment, since Rave has no access to her journal and I have no access to the comm.

My sincerest apologies. I'm absolutely miserable over this.

total confusion!

WHOA what has happened to Shoebox? If you have asked me in the past 24 hours, I honestly could not tell you the answer. If you could tell me, then you would be my hero. My hands are shaking a little right now.

eta -- So, Rave's LJ was hacked! As of right now, we haven't heard back from LJ about the problem, and I still have no access to the comm (I was removed as a maintainer by the hacker) so I can't go in there and warn people not to click on the potentially harmful link. BUT DON'T CLICK ON THE LINK PLEASE! I hope that soon this will be solved, and here's hoping something can be done about Rave's journal. Thanks for all the helpful links and suggestions, guys, and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that all the posts in the comm, not to mention all of Rave's old livejournal entries, are not gone.

eta 2 -- Still no response from LJ. Sorry, guys. I haven't had the chance to talk to Rave since yesterday so I don't know if they've replied to her, either. I'm really, really sorry about this, but my hands remain tied.

An announcement...

...breaking pre-winter hibernation to say what I can finally, which is that danibennett and I now owe our editor two more books, one due for submission in May 2009 and the other in May 2010. We've been sitting on this for a little while, and we can finally let it out! Which is a relief; otherwise I might have exploded.

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Some News

This is the cover for the second book! And I'm told it's OK to post it so here we go!

It will be in hardcover and it's coming out next summer(2009). That's all the news that's fit to print for now. Hope you like it as much as we do!

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WHOA MAN. I haven't read my friends list in, count it, two weeks. This is the longest I have ever not-read my friends list. First there was Otakon, then there was an editorial letter, then there was the usual "lost in a daydream for countless days trying to make all edits line up in head" period, then there was some (read: liberal) eating of ice cream (read: dibs, delicious delicious dibs), then there was more daydreaming; then I went to a wedding, which was nice (also I cried, apparently I cry now at weddings); then there was more staring at the manuscript... And time passed. Also there were some job attempts and some other things sprinkled in there. Like attempting to figure out how to make a trip to Japan happen; etc etc etc.

This is all to say: we have entered into dread editing territory! All hands on deck! Updates shall be sparse!

And in general, updates are going to continue being sparse, and about book-related or writing-related matters. (Once I am in Japan, all fingers crossed, there may be a Japan-blog thing happening...who knows?) Hopefully this is cool with you all, my slices of home?

Mostly I just want to apologize for being so quiet. I am sorry. I have failed at journal.

Also, I would like to direct everyone who has read Havemercy to the AMAZING (read: fuckin' brilliant) job that halcyonjazz is doing, sketching out (read: totally designing) all of the Dragon Corps boys.

All the DC, plus Thom
Character studies of the DC

Seriously, though, this stuff is incredible, and I am in awe of her more than just a little bit. Go! Admire! Experience! Meanwhile, I will clean up this loving pile of cat vomit my cat has left me as a present, and which I have just stepped in. Then I shall try to catch up on my friends list and hopefully have not missed anything important!
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HI FRIENDS LIST. How are you? I recognize that I have not posted in what is possibly five hundred thousand years. OOPS. How has everybody been?

I haven't actually been online that much but rather working on the second book (which, whoo, turned in the first draft on Friday!) and also some volunteer work and some job stuff... Also, I have been preparing for Otakon, which I'll be attending with meronine and danibennett from Thursday through Sunday. We're going to be in the artist's alley! Right here, in fact, where the little red arrow indicates. So if you're going to be there you should totally stop by and say hey and maybe buy some sexy artwork, OR some limited edition copies of Pie-IX for your friends or your family or, even better, for yourself. Anyone on my flist planning on going? I would love it if you came to say hi!

That being said, the real point of this post is... I'M GOING TO JAPAN IN OCTOBER. It's almost 100% final and hopefully writing it in livejournal land will make it 100% final. There are many things (some of them hopefully work-related!) that I will be doing there. When I found out, I actually began crying so hard in public that I embarrassed myself and total strangers, not to mention all family members nearby. I'M GOING TO JAPAN. AHHHH. So I have some questions.

1. How does one survive a 14 hour flight.

2. How does one survive a 14 hour flight?

3. Any tips on how to uhhhh best experience a foreign-language speaking country?