August 30th, 2007

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As I said in an earlier post from the beginning of the summer, I remember not only where I was but also who I was when I read The Last Unicorn for the first time.

I remember these things so well because after I read it, they changed.

It was one of those days peculiar to my school, when summer got the best even of the teachers and we were all sent to be creative with one another, when the lower schoolers (I was in their number) were sent out in rounds to browse through the library sale, or to attend the high schoolers' performances, plays or musical numbers or art exhibits or puppetry parades. I bought The Last Unicorn at the library sale and read it during the high schoolers' performances, tucked against my knees and hidden behind the seat in front of me so my teacher wouldn't see me doing it. I read it at a time when and in a place where it made a difference, not only in what I chose to read or what I chose to write, but also in who I chose to be.

Which is of course why the following means so much to me.

"HAVEMERCY is an absolute charmer of a book: at once exciting, romantic (in the best, oldest sense of the word), and funny, which I know from my own experience is the trickiest parlay to pull off. The most remarkable thing of all is that it's a first novel. You couldn't tell it from the smoothness and skill with which these two young writers have created their tone, their narrative voices, and their world. It's one hell of a beginning!"

- Peter S. Beagle -