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WHOA MAN. I haven't read my friends list in, count it, two weeks. This is the longest I have ever not-read my friends list. First there was Otakon, then there was an editorial letter, then there was the usual "lost in a daydream for countless days trying to make all edits line up in head" period, then there was some (read: liberal) eating of ice cream (read: dibs, delicious delicious dibs), then there was more daydreaming; then I went to a wedding, which was nice (also I cried, apparently I cry now at weddings); then there was more staring at the manuscript... And time passed. Also there were some job attempts and some other things sprinkled in there. Like attempting to figure out how to make a trip to Japan happen; etc etc etc.

This is all to say: we have entered into dread editing territory! All hands on deck! Updates shall be sparse!

And in general, updates are going to continue being sparse, and about book-related or writing-related matters. (Once I am in Japan, all fingers crossed, there may be a Japan-blog thing happening...who knows?) Hopefully this is cool with you all, my slices of home?

Mostly I just want to apologize for being so quiet. I am sorry. I have failed at journal.

Also, I would like to direct everyone who has read Havemercy to the AMAZING (read: fuckin' brilliant) job that halcyonjazz is doing, sketching out (read: totally designing) all of the Dragon Corps boys.

All the DC, plus Thom
Character studies of the DC

Seriously, though, this stuff is incredible, and I am in awe of her more than just a little bit. Go! Admire! Experience! Meanwhile, I will clean up this loving pile of cat vomit my cat has left me as a present, and which I have just stepped in. Then I shall try to catch up on my friends list and hopefully have not missed anything important!
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