July 16th, 7:00PM!
IE, tonight! We'll be talking, embarrassing ourselves, saying "uhm," and signing at the Park Slope Barnes and Noble!

To get there, take the F as in "Fuck this train!" train to the 7th ave stop. This will let you out on 7th ave and 9th street. On 7th ave, walk three blocks to 6th street. The Barnes and Noble is there!
(havemercy) befriending magicians

Attn: New York Folks

Are you in the New York area? Do you like metal dragons? Would you like to watch me make a fool of myself? Then this is totally the event for you!

July 16, 7:00 PM
Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Park Slope
267 7th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Author Event
Jaida Jones & Danielle Bennett: Havemercy

I'm posting this now because the other day my cousin was over, and he said, "Jaida, are you going to actually post about this event in advance, unlike the New York Comic Con thing, which you only posted about about five hours before it happened?" And I thought, "Why cousin, you are so clever, of course I shall!" So yes. If you come, I will be forever grateful. If you tell other people to come, I will be even more grateful. This gratitude might involve cookies alongside the chance to see my skills as a public speaker, which are, you know, they're. Okay anyway.

That being said, impromptu audience poll: at signings/author events, do you guys like readings or a song-and-dance kind of routine better? Trying to decide what to do is difficult.

Note: my to-do list is to 1. reply to some comments, now that all visitors have left the building, and 2. make some more livejournal posts with more interesting questions in them. Once Dani and I finish the second book. Which is due so soon. Oh heavens.
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(havemercy) at the gay bar

June 24th.

It took us until 8:30 pm to get our acts together and get to a bookstore--the Union Square Barnes & Noble, in fact. On the shelf, ll but one copy of Havemercy were gone:

I told Dani to make a face and this is what she did:

Then a woman yelled at me because apparently you're not allowed to take pictures in Barnes and Noble.

Anyway, Havemercy has appeared in some bookstores. Hope those of you who ordered it/bought it/etc. enjoy(ed?) it! The wonderful and smart search_soleil and splintercat have made a fan community, thremedon, for those looking for more stuff. Whoo!

I'm so nervous I can't even cope. Time to curl up with my cat and watch that Japanese Game Show thing. And maybe go to another bookstore. Uhm.

(no subject)

First of all, for those of you who want a sneak peak at the first three chapters of Havemercy, they've been posted here at You have to sign in to read them as they are mature content (hooo hoooo!) but it's super quick to make an account. Hope that you enjoy!


Now, for the content of this post, which I'm making in response to the slew of video games to which I've been introduced by danibennett, her brother, and my cousin! In any case, some of the heroes of these games are the dark, broody, mysterious, troubled-past types, while some of the heroes are the strike-a-pose, "let's rock!" kind of dudes whom the game is kind of, sort of, maybe a lot making fun of. (But with love.) While the former category--let's call them the brooders--have a certain air of poetry to them, I guess these days I've gravitated towards loving the second category--let's call them the goobers.

So what about you? Brooder or Goober? And, while we're at it, who is the absolute epitome of the deliciously tormented brooder or the hilariously quirky goober?

Or--what category of leading man am I completely missing in this binary division who never fails to win your heart?

Vote away!

Poll #1209057 Male heroes.

Who wins your heart?

The brooder.
The goober.

(no subject)

Notice: I am completely addicted to and if you join you should come favorite me over here. That is all.

ANYWAY, I was all set to make a big post today about how Havemercy is coming out on June 24th, which is one week from today, and wahoo and eek and all that jazz. So I sat down to start typing and then I realized, well, actually, the 24th is one week from yesterday, and I am an idiot.

So. Havemercy! It's coming to a bookstore near you one week from yesterday--a much less exciting statement than "one week from today!" but nevertheless a true statement. I know that I am biased, but if you haven't already pre-ordered it on Amazon or or or whathave, you should definitely go support your local bookstore on June 24th and pick up a copy of Havemercy! That is, if the idea of reading about big metal dragons excites you. (And I hope it does.)

And then you should take a picture of yourself making a goofy face with the book and post it in your livejournal or in a comment to me or something (believe me, there will be a post made 6 Days From Now wherein I make goofy faces next to every copy of the book I can find in NYC while danibennett looks on and makes utterly pained faces of utter pain at how embarrassing I am).

It will look something like this.

If you would like to read something unbelievably cool written about Havemercy just yesterday, then check this out.

Yep. Less than a week. The only thing that can sum up how I'm feeling right now is a line from Sondheim's Into the Woods, in which Little Red Riding Hood--singing of her experiences with the Big Bad Wolf--recounts, "And he made me feel excited! Well... Excited and scared."

Let's become more trendy with Poupeegirl.

I'm in Canada right now, where it is easily 30 degrees cooler than it was in NYC when I left last week. Of course, I'm completely jet-lagged even though it's only a three hour time difference. Most of my time has been devoted to:

1. Not getting out of my pajamas at all
2. Trying to catch up on 8 million things and failing
3. Working on ending The Second Book That Will Not End But Is Nevertheless Due August First
4. Playing Rock Band for the Playstation 3 with danibennett and her brother, who is top notch on the drums, let me tell you

Rock Band is awesome because it feeds into my love of dressing up avatars. Nothing is cooler--seriously, nothing--than buying fake clothes and tattoos for a fake person whom you've accessorized with fake accessories and whose fake hair you've fake-styled. My Rock Band persona is named Caius and he's about four feet tall with a blond mop and possibly five hundred tattoos all over his pale, scrawny body. He's approximately seven million times cooler than I am--and isn't that the point?

I could seriously spend all day crapping around in fake stores buying fake clothes for a fake person, in the same way that, when I was little, I could just stare and stare and stare at an American Girl Dolls catalog. Mini-clothes for mini-people! It's the same reason why I sign up for every single "customize your avatar!" sites like Anyone else have this experience-slash-problem?

(no subject)

meronine and bonhwa are here, so there has been much exploration of NYC in the past 48 hours. I always forget how crowded Times Square is. In any case, I am just popping on for a brief moment to share THIS --

Collapse )

It is embossed. I keep rubbing my hands over it like a total dweebo. But the best part is taking the cover off and staring at our names on the binding.

This is an important poll.

Poll #1192406 Ultimate Showdown

There can only be one.

Han Solo
Indiana Jones

This is very difficult for me. I don't know the answer myself. I'm going to have to think long and hard about it. What are your thoughts?

Also, if there's a third option you feel I haven't addressed in this either/or scenario, please chastise me in the comments.

ETA: the best of the best.


(no subject)

I was in a class recently (I will not say which), in which a professor, as an end-of-semester summary, decided to give the students a rundown of How Things Were. Not "How Things Were For Me, The Professor, Speaking," but how things Were, a blanket statement, that indicated How Things Would Be For All Of Us--and that bothered me. T

There is no "How Things Are." There is always an exception. More accurately, there are always exceptions. Which is why I'm generally so awkward when it comes to talking about writing and publishing and my experiences so far--because they've been my experiences but so, so, so not necessarily everyone's experiences.

In fact, very recently, the beginning of the time I had been dreading most dawned upon the horizon. Reviews. Considering I was the sort of person in high school who focused solely on the negative assessments given by teachers--I'm still not the sort who, er, accentuates the positive and eliminates the negative by any means--the idea of "reviews" were very upsetting because, I suppose, of different experiences. Every review comes from a person--a different person with different experiences; every person will come to a book expecting and wanting different things, and every person will leave it with different opinions.

I have stopped being friends with people based on different opinions of books. Opinions of books are serious business.

Naturally, I would like for everybody in the entire universe, including space-time-traveling aliens with green skin and inverted eyeballs, to enjoy reading Havemercy. Getting reviews puts an end to this beautiful and alien-inclusive fantasy. So it was that I, with trepidation and a tendency to focus upon the negative with a dedication and tenacity I only wish I had displayed for actual, I don't know, work--faced this period in my life, braced and cringing and hoping for the best. I continue to face it. In the immortal words of Ned Flanders, I am a "Nervous Pervis," which makes this stuff super hard for me and also everyone around me who might want to use the bathroom that I'm hiding in.

Nonetheless, I'm excited to say that I did not focus on the negative aspects of this review of Havemercy which (and yes, it's one of my firsts, so that means it will always have a special place in my heart) is definitely an amazing thing.

No book is perfect (I tell myself, haw-hawing). If you've written the perfect book then what's left to improve upon next time? What's left to discover about yourself, and your writing?

I'm just glad to write anything that can be a part of someone else's experience. Granted, I'd like everyone, including all the aliens, to feel that the pros outweigh the cons--this would be ideal. But IN MY EXPERIENCE, the big thing has been accepting both pros and cons, crying for the good stuff and the bad stuff hand in hand, and making it a part of that experience. That review, for example, has positive and negative things to say and I'm grateful for all of them. The bad makes the good more real; the good means the bad can be improved upon; and Queer Eye for the Sorcerous Guy is a TV show I hope one day to write for.

So that's all for now! Tomorrow I graduate and hopefully don't trip on stage, and after that I try to figure out what to do with this journal.

eta because of my lack of coherence: 1. What to post in this journal, because I can no longer complain about Japanese; and 2. I loved the linked review, I love the linked review, and I will always love the linked review.