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anonymous bosch

aka jaida jones

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panic! at the basquiat
2 December
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finally, robotic beings rule the world

I'm a 21 year old native New Yorker, free at last from school without much direction in life. Perhaps that will come soon; for now, I am both feckless and aimless!

I've worked as an editor for Harris Publications (assistant editor, 2006 - 2007) and Scholastic (summer 2005). My poems have appeared in Hanging Loose Press, Mythic Delirium and Jabberwocky magazines, and in the compilations Where We Are, What We See and The Best Teen Writing of 2004; I edited the collection of The Best Teen Writing of 2005. A collection of my poetry, Cinquefoil, was published by New Babel Books in November, 2006.

Havemercy, an original fantasy novel co-written with Danielle Bennett, will be published by Bantam/Spectra June 24, 2008. A second fantasy novel is slated for Summer, 2009.

I'm an unrepentant nerd, a total dork, and a lover of carbohydrates, Danny Kaye and lolcats.

For other projects, check out Pie IX (an original graphic novel co-produced with Kyla Sturgeon, or The Shoebox Project, a Harry Potter fanfic written with Rave.

idrilelendil @ lolaboxx

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